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Brawl Testers Needed

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 8, 2011, 12:00 PM
---------------- WHAT'S HAPPENIN´DEVIANTS?-----------------

In no time i'll be releasing my Brawl Hacked Version: "Super Smash bros Brawl: Special Version II" for all you people to download.

However, right before anything, i would like for some people to become my personal "Testers", so i can check everything's ok, not only for my system, but for other systems as well.

This hack is SAFE, as it just works as a replacement for regular brawl files, and i am NOT  messing with the original game's settings, like changing sound effects, or adding stages, or even changing the Character selection Screen distribution.  

Te only thing you need is the Homwbrew Channel, an empty SD card (2GB, since 4GB often won't work on wii) and a copy of Brawl (preferably the Original one)

Anyone interested? Send me a note

---------------------CHEERS TO YOU ALL---------------------
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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 3, 2011, 6:25 PM
---------------- WHAT'S HAPPENIN´DEVIANTS?-----------------

So...I recentrly opened twitter, just to try it out and see what everyone's babbling about.

Check the link here in my profile page, on the twitter gadget. Some people told me they would like to have a chat or something, so i dunno. Help me try it out

---------------------CHEERS TO YOU ALL---------------------
.......................................more journal crap by Twilit-Arawen

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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 27, 2011, 1:57 PM
---------------- WHAT'S HAPPENIN´DEVIANTS?-----------------

I was starting commissions this week starting with two (tokotiger and SamuelLeumas, and of course the 100th Kiriban winner DamienMaxell23), and decided to make a VIDEO TUTORIAL for the first time, allong with a simple image tutorial.

So you see, i downloaded a program "CamStudio", which "seemed" to be quite a good program, and i began a sample deviation (in HDanime).

Everything was going right, perfect timing, multiple mother interruptions, but fine,


GODDAMN ZEUS STROKE A FUCKING THUNDER AND LIGHTS WENT OUT!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PROCESS!!!!!!! --------------------------------------ARGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was soooo pissed off, but SOOOOO pissed off....i hate to do things all over again (unless its a base color). These kinds of things just happen ONCE in a lifetime, you try and repeat a Drawing, and it never ends the same way :(

I love how the drawing is turning out, but unfortunatelly, you cannot see the process :(

Also, the qualit for this programs' kinda crappy, so:

---------------------CHEERS TO YOU ALL---------------------

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 26, 2011, 9:02 PM
What's happenin Watchers?

Recently i was thinking of all those deviants wishing for a premium membership here in our talented Deviantart community of Glory and leisure :D.

And believe me, i DO want to help, as i was one of those frustrated, empty-pocketed artists with no chance of a premium membership, UNTIL, a great friend here helped me out :D, and i want to do the same.

We can all help these artists to take real advantage of the page, exploring gadgets, critiques and other features regular deviants are not allowed.

For now, I want to help this girl: &… saw her request (call me an ignorant, but its actually the first time here i see that you can ask for donations in your profile)and wanted to help. Wanna give some points? :D She'll give you llamas!! :D

Cheers to you all!!
------------------------EASTER EGG-------------------------

Full information about COMMISSIONS and REQUESTS coming next week, AND starting next week.

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 9, 2010, 2:14 AM
Want to try your luck?

I've got a hidden surprise to celebrate the 100.000 pageviews here in deviant, plus an additional free quickie for that deviant who can show me that he/she was the 100.000th viewer. take a picture, show me and win!

Don't worry, i planned this before my hands problem, so the surprise is already done, and i'm not killing myself doing something with my hands burning. Actually, the doctor told me not to grab a pencil during a weekto see what could happen.

Cheers! Let's see who can make it, the goal is not very far from now!

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There's some sort of project coming up. Does anyone like Pink Floyd?
Hi everyone.

I was hoping my next journal was something bright and joyful to talk about, but sadly its not. You may be wondering what the "Out of Order", means. Well, i was diagnosed around two weeks ago with something, don't know how is it called in english, but in spanish its "Tendinitis Severa", meaning i can't grab something for a very long time, or with too much strength, or even mve my fingers, because my whole hand starts to hurt like hell. Imagine this feeling as if your hand was burning from the inside, together with an extremelly painful sensation.

I'm in somewhat in a treatment right now, and if things dont't get better, i need an operation, and my father is exactly the same as Taiga's father from Toradora anime (that is the best example i can put), meaning he is not a good father, thus, i have to start to think in paying that myself. That's the reason of why i was so depressed lately, but i'm quite fine now.

Yes i know: out of one hole an into another, just like Luis Sera says. I can't draw, or play guitar without my hand hurting like hell; and with no drawings, there's no work or money. Thus i feel kind of impotent, because of all of the ideas i have in my head and want to have them done, but cannot do them I'm trying to have a positive attitude towards this, since i 've seen artists paint and draw with their feet and mouth, and they even do it better than us, so this is not the end of the world: i'm just incredibly frustrated with this shit.

Not to mention that because of this, i have to delay commissions once more, sorry. I was really excited to start to work on new pictures for you deviant clients....but again, i'll have to wait a little longer First the crash and now this, i know "Man you are quite an unlucky bastard!". But anyhow, let's have a positive attitude towards this, and hope i can start drawing again. I still have to make my costume for the cosplay event on the 15th.

ANYWAY, thank you all for your incredible support, thanks for all your comments and notes, i wish i could answer everyone of them, but they are just soo tooooo many. I just want you to know that every comment, favourite and note makes me incredibly happy, to see that people like my work that much. Thanks to all watchers!!!

SamuelLeumas: I wanted to answer a looong time ago, sorry that too much time has passed. Thanks for the Premium membership you gave me last year, i really enjoyed all of the premium features here in deviantart, believe me, i really appreciate what you did, what a great person. I am deeply grateful with you for this :).

Patience people, i survived a cab crashing my body, i can surpass this, just need a little time.

Cheers! Hope everything is al right with all of you and thanks again!!

Jay Phenrix - Twilit-arawen
People, out of one hole and into another.....

somehow it seems my Genius Pen damaged or something, but is working absolutely awkward. It still moves, but automatically selects everything it crosses, and when used with photoshop, Photoshop freezes unless you use a mouse.

Seems i can't draw with it anymore....:´(!
What am i gonna do? this clearly won't allow me to do commissions...AND I WAS GOING TO START THIS WEEK!!!!
Its been ages since i don't use a mouse as a drawing tool, it would take me ages to do something similar as what i have done til now! Now...THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT! My work depends on it ! On top of that...there's no money...........

Im really sad...................................
I don't know people....somethings into me lately.

I've been under a really strange depression, as if i just did not want to do anything. I've been really sad due to certain circumstances, and seriously don't know what to do.

I've been smoking a lot more than usual, and i've been very unpleased with all of the works i've done recently, thus i haven't posted them....i believe they suck, i simply don't like what i am doing right now. What seems to be more awkward, is that i seriously don't know whats keeping me down: maybe is a mixture of many things i believe. I've been feeling very weak lately as well, and that worries me. This is maybe an explanation of why i haven't posted anything in the past weeks, and seriously, this is affecting my work, for those who keep asking.

Sorry for the emo message, but i really wanted to pull it out

A couple of days ago i've been seeing EVERYONE'S avatars turned into some shit of lady Gaga, Team seeker, and other gifs from this guy from harry potter, smallville and others.

Is it just me?? or is this happening to other users EVEN MY AVATAR HAS CHANGED!!!

PLEASE ANSWER ME, SOMEONE (smokesign, SOS,  a might shinning pigeon, or anything !!!!)
Wow, cant believe i got already 60000 views!

Back to subject. I am fully recovered now, it took a while, a long while, but im back . Thanks to all wachers for keeping track of my work. What has happened ever since, lets see...i COULDNT DRAW PROPERLY. IT WAS A SHIT, THE LONGEST AND MOST TEDIOUS RECOVERY I HAD IN MY LIFE.... But the nightmare is over, and the night is always darkest before the dawn.
Good news! soon ill be in for commissions, finally made some kind of deal with a friend who has PAYPAL, so, all of those who wanted some of my work, this is your chance!

Those who won my contests, im on it now, sorry for the past few months..if i tell you ive got automail implants i am not exagerating that much..........that much

Im on for art trades as well. my present target is to finally achieve 100.000 views! LETS RECOVER WHAT WAS LOST, AND ONWARDS TO MASSIVE PRODUCCION IN SPITE OF THE LOST TIME!!

Twichy Jay Phenrix
Im preparing for my comeback on deviantart. yay
OK people...i'm back.

First of all, thanks to my friend Camilo for watching over my deviant, and other things.

I won't write much, since my arm hasn't recovered yet (does anyone know where can i get an automail? i seriously need one...), thus, i'll be a left hand artist for a while.

Thanks everybody for your messages, it was a surprise to check my messages, and there were around 1200!! seriously, thanks you! I'll take my time to read them all ;)

i'll write more soon...i'm tired, and want some rest.


Jay Phenrix - Right handed
Sergei Cloverfield - Left handed
You may have noticed twilit's absence these few weeks, almost a month now. I'm a friend of his. my name's Camilo. The thing is: he got hit by a clumsy cab when coming out of a party, and got seriously injured; we almost thought he was going to die. He's been recovering ever since, and thus, he hasn't been able to do any commisssions. However. he made a promise, and said, this is directed to Tokotiger " You said you needed your commission before Nov 15th, you'll have that before November 12Th, even if i break anything. a deal is a deal, a customer is a customer." That's why, Tokotiger. i ask for your patience: One thing about jay: despite of any tragedy that he may face during his lifetime, a deal is a deal, a customer is a customer; you'll have you commission, he promised, he swore.

With the rest, be patient please, we thought he would be out of the hospital a week ago, but he's heavily injured, and needs recovery. Any comment, please send it here,. i'll be watching continuously.

Hello there people...

First of all I apologize with the winners of my contest due to my inadequate unacomplishment with my deal, but believe me...I'VE BEEN ONE HELL OF A GODDAMN BUSY PERSON FOR OVER ONE MONTH STRAIGHT!!!!. Doing this, doing that, college work and other works....i'm exhausted. This is the first time this happens, but i swear it won't happen for much longer, especially when i open my commission shop, attended by Rosie (hehe). So i ask you, winners, please be patient, i want your works to be really really good like the last ones, but i haven't got time even for me...MY WII IS DECAYING WITH DUST!!!

my apologies to all, and cheers!

Jay Phenrix (Twilit)
I just can't stand this. This must be one of the most cynical attempts to steal someone's work. I appreciate this artist a lot, and i fell great appreciation for his model Susan as well (


Oldboy does not desreve this kind of offense, nor any other talented artist here in deviantart.

Help me out there

Jay Phenrix
Ok people,

ya know da rules. First person to send the winner note, well wins. If anyone else sends the lucky number later, too bad, they came first. here are the winners:

7 - :iconinfinitesouls: ANIMATION WINNER
18 - :iconshrukan:
25 - :iconxiaoli75:
36 - :iconcolors-fruits-sweets:
58 - :iconzaziki7:

Thanks for everyone who partcipated, but don't worry! real commissions will soon be opened!

WINNERS REMEMBER: You have a week to decide yourselves on what you want, otherwise your prize will be hanged over to the next person who said the lucky number.

Ok people, back to my nuts.

For those who already did this, again, 5 slots, 3 number chances. You send me your numbers through notes, do not post them in comments or in any message other deviants will see, beacuse i'll ignore those.

I told you i was doing this again in august, i want to see what amazing ideas people have! try thinking in ANYTHING YOU WANT, ITS YOUR CHOICE! ONLY THOSE WHO DEVIANTWATCH ME HAVE THE RIGHT TO THIS CONTEST!

Because the number of watchers has VASTLY INCREASED (thank you all new watchers), the chance number increases as well. Choose 3 numbers between 1 and 60, there are only five winners.

First winner number includes a full 300dpi resolution gift original size of their commission, and for the first time, ONE OF THE NUMBERS IS AN ANIMATION NUMBER!! THE  WINNER HAS A CHOICE BETWEEN ILLUSTRATION OR ANIMATION LESS THAN 15 SECONDS (or a loop instead, like my avatar, or Rosie with the gatling gun). Second slot includes the full resolution gift and the lineart gift for the winner to try colouring it, but no animaton.  The rest just recieve their commission, so be quick.

deadline is 19 september (the day of my sister's marriage). This time, you have A WEEK TO DECIDE YOURSELF ON WHAT YOU WANT, OR YOU'LL LOOSE YOUR CHANCE, and i'll be relaunching a mini contest to shuffle those unanswered slots

Good luck!
Check this out people. he's a great great artist, and a very good friend of mine. Thus, i want his piece to see the sunlight here in Deviant:…

I really think this is a great unique fan art piece. What do you think? check his other works as well!